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Hsis Leadership - Leadership Development Programme - Meeting 1 (6 Parts)

27/09/2018 13.30 - 16.00

Level: ExperiencedAllNew

The programme will focus on the key skills of school leadership, including:

  • Using data to improve provision and outcomes
  • School Self-Evaluation
  • Lesson Observations and feedback
  • Undertaking an effective work scrutiny
  • Effective Action Planning
  • Preparing for Ofsted and being ‘Ofsted Ready’
  • The role of staff development and CPD

This 6 part programme is designed for current middle and senior leaders in primary schools/academies and will focus on the key core skills and attributes of school leadership. Delegates are expected to attend all sessions in order to receive the Havering Accreditation Certificate. Delegates will also be expected to undertake some gap tasks back in school between sessions.

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