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About Us

The Havering Academy of Leadership was launched on 1st November, 2017. It is a collaboration of partners, based in Havering, whose aims are to support and develop leadership skills in the education community. The partnership began between the Havering Local Authority, the two Havering Teaching Schools and educators across the borough. All educational institutions are able to affiliate with the Academy by being based in Havering and serving Havering children and young people.

The Academy operates through 3 Centres:

  • The Havering Learning and Development Centre at Ceme
  • The Havering Primary Teaching School Alliance (Broadford Primary School)
  • The Empower Teaching Alliance (Hall Mead School).

Other satellite sites also occasionally host events, meetings and conferences.

The Academy is governed through an elected Board of representatives drawn from strategic partners and stakeholders. The Academy is led by its Director and is accountable to its members.

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The Academy also co-ordinates the provision of leadership programmes at all levels and ensures a coherent leadership development programme from the range of providers, including the Local Authority and the Teaching Schools, national and regional programmes and commercial partners. In essence, it ensures that there are no gaps in provision and no unnecessary duplication. It does this through its Leadership Ladder and CPD Framework, promoting opportunities for all tiers of leadership by ensuring effective induction when new to post, support and challenge when in post, and opportunities, development and preparation for those aspiring to the next tier.

Where there are gaps, or new priorities emerge, the Academy works to fill them by providing new programmes. If it is not possible to offer the provision locally, the Academy will commission or signpost opportunities from elsewhere - for example, NPQH; Ofsted training; NLE and LLE accreditation, etc. Each year, the Academy also organises its own conferences open to all Havering schools, academies and colleges.

The Academy plays a role in monitoring and evaluating the quality and impact of leadership programmes from all the providers and collecting a range of data about attendance, accreditation and evaluations. Up-to-date records will also be kept regarding NLEs, NLGs, LLEs, SLEs, local inspectors and consultants, accredited moderators for statutory assessment, etc. Supporting effective succession planning, the Academy also tracks effective leaders at all levels to encourage leadership talent to stay and grow in Havering.

One of the additional functions of the Academy is advocacy - for leaders in Havering in relation to local, regional and national initiatives, developments and pressures. When appropriate, the Academy makes representations to Havering Council, the DfE, the RSC and to Ofsted on behalf of the membership. The Academy may also submit bids for funding.

The Academy hosts its own website and has a strong social media presence where it promotes upcoming programmes and events, key leadership updates and developments locally and nationally, and advertises opportunities for its member schools for more informal professional development. The website also hosts a number of publications, resources and research papers